Candidate for the position of Mature Students' Officer

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Mature students need to be heard, and changes being made on and around campus for their benefit and wellbeing. I will make sure that happens.

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering. I worked in the industry for many years and then decided to come back to the university to pursue a Ph.D. However, after joining the department I felt a bit out of place given that most other students are much younger than me. Henceforth, socializing with others became an issue. But over time I found out that many other mature students in the university suffer from similar issues such as alienation, lack of mature student-specific support, etc. Someone has to do something about these issues and rather than waiting for the changes to happen I would like to make the changes happen instead of waiting.

I'm a compassionate guy who loves to listen to others and likes to drive positive change. If you have any suggestions or change to be made on and around campus, be sure that I will see it through.

However, before you vote for me let me share my story with you. I have always wanted to pursue a Ph.D. and it has been my dream for a long time. Back in 2014 while pursuing my masters in Manchester I already had an offer to pursue Ph.D., however, my parents went through a car accident, which inflicted serious injuries to my parents and making my father paralyzed. Being the only child, I became the bread owner of the family and abandoned my dream of pursuing a Ph.D. at that time so that I could support my family financially and joined the industry. A couple of years later I met an amazing woman, we fell in love and later got engaged. Later my fiancé got pregnant and I got the best news that I would ever hear, that I was going to be a father. However, luck had it differently for me. We lost the baby and later the engagement was called off.

Now, you might be wondering why I am sharing such a personal story with you?

Many know me on campus as a single guy and it might be difficult for them to visualize me as a suitable Mature Students' Officer. However, my experiences make me the most suitable candidate for the same. I know the struggles of juggling work, study and family life. I know what it takes to support your family, and the sacrifices and choices you make for them because family comes first (personal opinion). I know the joy of hearing the news to be a parent and also the pain when you lose your child. My experiences only made me more empathetic and humble as a person.

Being a mature student, we go through so many struggles in daily life that I want to make your life more comfortable and university experience more enjoyable. So, if you have any issues or suggestions, my door (office: 4B.522) is literally open at all times. Come and visit me and share your concerns, I will make sure that something is done about it.