Candidate for the position of East 15 (Loughton) President



Together we Aspire , Together we Achieve

East 15's student union stands as a symbol of togetherness for its members. It is a space that has been renovated to accommodate for a higher capacity of students but unfortunately has lost its own character and personality. We must do better. As a community and network of creative individuals, we are the ones who fuel our SU with energy and spirit. That is why I am running for president. I want to reinvent our Student Union as a space where we can gather and grow together. By organising events, listening to common issues and aiding the staff to find efficient ways of managing the SU, I know that our Student Union can be a warm welcome home for all our students. As a President, I stand by togetherness, I think that the only way institutions can provide the best service to its members is by having a strong bond and relationship with them. With your support I know that our Student Union can work a better capacity with YOU as its main focus.