Candidate for the position of VP Community & Engagement

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Dan Seorici

I am quite loud when using my theatre voice, so how about you vote for me and I get to put that to good use? Remember: Dan can!

The loud voice carrying the words demanding change, or the quiet ear lent to every single individual who desires to speak. I grew up on a farm, but I make for a poor rider – hence why I won’t continue with this high horse of a statement. I don’t normally resort to this sort of speech, but it does help me sum up my values and aspirations. As a third-year drama student (hence the slightly obnoxious way of writing), I’ve made it my goal to have the stories I tell on stage be of those muffled voices that can’t quite reach the ear of society. When I’m not sticking my nose in books and newspapers, you see me chatting to people about their take on certain events. I’m always looking for that extra bit of story that might otherwise fail to reach the surface that the majority gets to see.

One thing people tend to forget is that not everyone is eager to take the spotlight in order to address an issue, and this often leads to a big number of voices being left unheard. I am usually the guy who acts goofy in order to distress the air – just enough so that people can feel at ease when opening about their stories. I am only loud when the surroundings don’t allow for every voice to break through – otherwise I’m the one who’s most eager to listen.

I don’t have any big titles that I can flex with, but I’ve often partaken in events that were sure to impact the student life. I’ve helped shape up the Big Plan, fought my way through mountains of e-mails as a Student Rep and ran back and forth trying to make events such as the Heirloom tent be the best they could possibly be. In my years at Essex, I was lucky enough to be able to interact with a big part of our community here. If I was not welcoming students during Freshers whilst singing Disney songs in the Sports Arena, then I was probably gathering feedback from them on issues they’ve been facing on campus. Otherwise I might’ve served you a drink in Subzero? I’ve always tried my best to have a positive impact on the individuals I interact with, and every smile I bring about I count as a victory. I cannot stress enough how important for me is to have everyone have their say.

I am running for this position particularly inspired by my own involvement as a student, as well as the interactions I’ve had whilst working for the Student’s Union in the three years I’ve been here. Being such a diverse hub of communities, Essex does a fine job at nurturing them and allowing them to flavour up everyone’s experience here. It is my belief that there is something to learn from all cultures, beliefs and practices. If I get to be elected, I’ll make it my personal mission to create more interactions between them and open up conversations that could benefit us all as a community. My candidacy is a direct result of me having the honour of witnessing and learning so much from the diversity we are proud to share, that I feel compelled to try and be the representative that could help it shine even brighter. I know many feel it’s necessary to promise even more moons than the one we have above us, but I can only promise to walk any extra mile that might bring us close to it. “Dan can!”, although a catchy phrase meant to have my name remembered by the people who vote on this election, it is also my sincere promise that I will do my best to fill up the shoes of someone meant to help everyone get the best experience they can from this uni.