Candidate for the position of VP Student Experience



Enjoying your time at university is arguably as important as your degree! Through continuing to improve Societies, VTeam and Sport, we can increase the value of YOUR student experience.

Since joining the University in 2016 studying Economics, I have been a member of the Essex Blades Lacrosse team, formerly Social Secretary, and currently Vice President, Women’s Vice Captain and Communications Officer as well as the Events Officer for the Blades Executive Committee. I understand this role is a lot more than just helping run one club and assisting sports teams in general and will involve representing all societies and sports teams at the University.

My experience over the last 3.5 years, particularly the previous academic year, spent as a Project Manager, for a consumer goods company. I managed over 109 projects start to finish. Showing I am dependable and effective in managing long scale processes ensuring all stages were completed on time and that I can work with many different teams of people. This I believe can all be transpired into the role of VP Student Experience in representing all Societies and Sports Teams interests at internal Students’ Union, University and external occasions, for VTeam volunteering and employment opportunities. As the current Events Officer for the Blades Executive Committee, I have familiarity in particularly working alongside the Sports Office helping organise large student events. All experience that will contribute effectively in leading fundraising projects and events next year. Also, I would like to further facilitate increased engagement with societies and VTeam as well as enhancing the Essex Blades family and community with networking opportunities. Continuing the celebration of teams, societies and volunteering projects, in all forms of media to share the successes with all students. In addition to having walk-in sessions increasing student engagement and ability to discuss queries and concerns, allowing the wellbeing in Sports and Societies to remain high.

As aside from the notable education opportunities university has to offer the social side to University through sports clubs and societies, I believe creates a more inclusive, united atmosphere across the campus(s). Having the opportunity to be involved in positively improving the student experience through the increased value of sports and society membership, is something I am highly passionate about. As apart from having more time to be involved on campus, there is not much to date, I would have changed in my time at Essex.