Candidate for the position of VP Welfare



Samra Saddique will make you happyique. your welfare, my priority. A vote for me is a vote for you!


Who are you?

Hi! I’m Samra , a second year law student from Manchester. I am currently involved in roles at the university such as ISA project Officer, a Wellbeing Ambassador and a Student Representative.


What or who inspired you to run for this position?

My past couple of months have been a difficult time for me, and as a student I have been helped by the university and welfare support offered, and from my experience I have been inspired to run for this role as I want more students to know and be aware of the support available. Also, my role as a wellbeing ambassador has opened my eyes to the issues of welfare students face, and to run for this post would be an amazing opportunity for me to solve them for you.


Why should students vote for you?

Students should vote for me as I have various roles within the SU, so I am aware and experienced with how things operate within the student union and university and as a fellow student who would be returning if elected, I want to make sure I can represent the voices of undergraduates and postgraduates from all campuses, Loughton Southend and Colchester. I am a Wellbeing Ambassador, an ISA Project Officer, a Student Representative and a Student Conduct Committee panel Member, and so have represented the voices of students and also have aided changes being made which students have wanted, and I am ready to do this at a much larger scale for you, and I will committed to do this.  


How do you plan to represent the students?

My plan to represent students starts from my understanding that students face many welfare issues whether it may be at university or outside university, and I would want to represent students as individuals rather than a collective body. This is because from my own experience, and the experience from those around me, both postgraduates and undergraduates at university, issues regarding welfare are dealt in many different ways, and so I would invest time into looking feedback from individual students regarding welfare at university, and take that feedback to the board meetings to find solutions and implement changes which could make the difference wanted by the students. I also will take the time to see how welfare issues could be improved for postgraduates, as from my experience as a wellbeing Ambassador and in my other roles, I understand it is equally important to highlight the issues regarding welfare faced by postgraduates.


What skills do you believe you have that will help ensure the success of the big plan?


Committed – when I am set a task I am committed into getting the best results

Communication – from experience in my other roles I have improved my skills to represent issues faced by students in a clear precise manner to get results and change

Teamwork- I work well within teams in order to achieve the best outcome possible and take on any responsibilities that are given.

Leadership – I can take leadership of situations and can bring out the best of people so any tasks completed, are completed to the highest standard.

Empathetic – I know that when it comes to welfare, there can be many things going on and I know how important it is to understand that each individual may not deal with their issues in the same way

Confident – I have experience presenting issues in front of large audiences and so I will be confident to represent yours.