Candidate for the position of President




Hello, my name is Uzge Saleem and I am running to be your next Student Union President.

Having born as a girl in a socially conservative country like Pakistan I inherited certain challenges that have shaped my outlook at life and my ensuing educational goals. However, in today’s world merely focusing on educational goals without giving attention to other social aspects that shape our personality is not possible. The realization came from experiencing a lack of Student Unions in my own country.  Therefore I understand the importance that the role of Student Union President carries.

My vision walking into this is twofold;

More integration and involvement of the students in the student union is something I aim for. The backbone of any student union is the students themselves. Their satisfaction and comfortable experience is what would be my priority. Regular feedback from them and action on their feedback would be most important for me. As someone who has faced many hurdles due to the absence of a student union during undergrad (in Pakistan) I fully understand what members go through and how strong student unions can be extremely helpful. I hope to become a bridge between the members and the student union.

Secondly, making the Essex Student Union a model student union for everyone is part of my agenda. I want to convert it into a safe space for all where problems are solved, trust is built but at the same time it is the most happening place for all its members. Under my presidency I want to take the student union to a position where it has most amounts of facilities to offer but at the same time strengthen the current facilities as well. Being someone who constantly uses almost all student union facilities I know how important it is for any member. An enhanced student union experience leads to a relaxed mind which definitely contributes to a better academic experience.

My goals as the Student Union President

  • Take a lead nationally on issues that affect our student body at University of Essex
  • Develop an all-inclusive programme of events that tailor to the diversity of students at University of Essex
  • Ensure we have the BEST Fresher’s Week in the country and opportunities are widely promoted
  • Review our core messages to ensure it is clear what we do for you as YOUR Students’ Union and all students are aware of our services
  • Develop and launch a leadership scheme to empower students at University of Essex
  • Launch a leadership conference to inspire students to speak up
  • Provide leadership training to our elected student leaders to further develop their skills
  • More food options (South Asian, Asian, Vegan) and at least one 24/7 restaurant.
  • Push for more bus reliability around campus.
  • Push for more private study places.
  • Lobby for more accommodation, better accommodation and cheaper accommodation. 
  • Support in finding accommodation off-campus.
  • Lobby for increasing the radius for the safety bus for students residing off campus.