SU Makes: Customise your cutlery & Bracelet Making

11am - 3pm | 04/10/2022 to 04/10/2022 | The Atrium

Welcome Home – Make Your Space Your Own… and that includes your cutlery!  Your housemates will never unknowingly ‘borrow’ your fork again, once you’ve made it truly yours – embellish your very own cutlery with your initials, beautiful designs, or threatening messages.  Whatever works for you!

In this session you’ll create your set of cutlery – come along on Saturday 8th October 11:00-15:00 to collect them.

No materials, tools, or experience necessary – come along and make something meaningful, make friends, make a mess, and maybe even learn a new skill!

Drop in whenever you’re ready – we’re looking forward to seeing you <3