Banner Making

11am - 5pm | 23/09/2022 to 23/09/2022 | The Atrium

This is a great opportunity to create a banner for your Society or Sports Club to use at Freshers Fair (Friday 7th October) but also throughout the year at any events you run. Plus, it is a nice social activity with your exec to start the year.

It's completely free to get involved. Each group will be provided with a canvas banner and painting supplies when you arrive. Leave your banner with us to dry and collect the next day.

Location: The Atrium - To find us use the stairs down to sub zero (only go down one floor and to your right)

Top tips:

  • Come with your design in mind
    • Mark out your design in pen/pencil first before painting
  • You choose a design that is simple and bold
    • It needs to be eye-catching, but too much detail will be hard to read, and tricky to paint!
  • You plan your time wisely and assign jobs before you arrive
    • Who is going to draw out the design? Do you work on a half each?

If you have any questions, email

Some banners from last year, for any inspiration!