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Revision Session Season 2022!

midnight - midnight | 02/05/2022 to 20/05/2022 | Online - Discord

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All revision sessions will be held in the Revision-Sessions channel. If you cannot join, make sure you have verified your Society Membership in the society-verification channel so that you get the required roles to join!

Hey guys - we're gonna be running revision sessions for all Year 1 and Year 2 Computer Science Modules over the next few weeks, to try and help everyone out. These are going to be student led (sometimes by you, sometimes by us), and held in here in the Revision-Sessions voice channel. We'll try and go through some of the topics people struggle with most, and perhaps do some past exam questions too if we have time.

These sessions are put on for Society Members only, but you can become one of those for free and super easily at this link ( https://www.essexstudent.com/organisation/6490/ ). Once you've got your membership there, stick your name in ??-society-verification so we can verify that for you :)

You can see a full list of revision sessions scheduled in the Events tab right at the top of the channels list on the left, or theres a spreadsheet shown below that has them all on. If you don't see your module scheduled, but think it should be happening, just drop us a message and we'll sort one out for you. You can also mark yourself as interested for the events in the events tab and it will remind you nearer the time about the event :)