Event Description

Through the Lens: March Spotlight

Through the Lens: March Spotlight

midnight - midnight | 01/03/2023 to 31/03/2023 | TBD

What is it?

Through the Lens is a monthly event held by the Film and Digital Photography Society. We invite all members of the society to challenge both their skills and creativity to submit their own collection of photos according to our monthly themes.

Members are free to use any form of photography medium (e.g. digital or film), but photos are submitted to a google drive file where the best photos are then anonymously picked by the excecutives. These photos are then presented during one of the bi-monthly society meetings (room TBD), where society members are free to vote for their favorite photo.

A winner will be announced based on the votes on each category and are then given a prize.

Send as many photos as you like! The sky's the limit.

P.S. Please name your photos too. We won't be able to know who's photos are which otherwise!


This Month's Themes

1. Connections

2. Contrast


Where to Submit the Photos?

Here's this month's google drive link:


Make sure to label and name your photos as you submit them.


Contact Us

Instagram: @uoe.photography

E-mail: photosocessex@gmail.com

Whatsapp Groupchat: https://chat.whatsapp.com/DyTHzPzGyKfGRAxTWYoDPl



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Please be aware that photography and/or filming is taking place at this event/location for promotional purposes. The photographs and recordings may be used by the Students’ Union or University of Essex for promotional purposes, for example on social media platforms, websites, mobile applications, emails, digital media, or printed materials. If you would prefer not to be photographed or filmed please speak to our photographer or videographer or the SU event organiser.