Board Game Night

Wednesday 06 March 2024

6pm - 11pm

5.300A + 5.300B

Every Wednesday, we hold a Game Night where members are welcome to come to socialise and play some board games. We own quick and easy-to-pick-up games such as 'Connect 4' and 'One Night Werewolves', as well as heavier and longer lasting games such as 'Lords of Waterdeep' and 'Root'. 

However, board games are not our only field. Card game players are also welcome! The most popular game that our members frequently busy themselves with is Magic: The Gathering.

Even then, If board games and card games aren't your thing then. Often you hear shouting and tape measures in the back, this will frequently be our members who come to play Warhammer 40k. Please keep in mind these guys bring their own miniatures so please ask before touching them. 

If you have no experience with any of the games above, don't be afraid to still join in! Our members are welcoming and always willing to help you with the rules!



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