Event Description

Purple Haze Auditions

7pm - 10pm | 16/05/2022 to 16/05/2022 | 5s.4.5 (Black Box)

A surrealist romantic comedy where the lines between dreams, fantasies, and reality are constantly blurred...

Come along and audition for Purple Haze, one of the short plays that will be performed along with four other plays at the Lakeside Theatre on Friday 10th June.

You’ll also need to be available on the 9th of June for a tech run and be available for around 6-8 hours per week (depending on the size of your role) leading up to the performance for rehearsals. It’s only a 20-minute play, but it is dialogue heavy for the principles.

You don’t need to prepare any material for the audition, we’ll be spending the first part of the audition doing warm-up exercises and then you will be given scripts to perform in pairs.


Sam Fawcett is just beginning to face the realities of adulthood, but he’s reluctant to let go of his childhood fantasy of becoming a Rockstar. Sam’s best friend Dan encourages him to turn his dream into a reality to win back his ex-girlfriend, Sarah.


Character List


Sam Fawcett (18-25 years old) Male - A shy and introverted exterior conceals a rich inner-world of child-like fantasies. (Will be required to be topless for one scene)

Dan (18-25 years old) Male - Down to earth with a good sense of humor (if not a bit crude). He’s Sam’s best friend and has a knack for bringing him back into reality.

Sarah (18-25 years old) Female - Conscientious and grounded but deep down is a hopeless romantic. She is Sam’s muse and tends to be the voice of reason.

Supporting cast:

Bartender (Any age, any gender)

Sarah’s Friend 1 (18-25 years old) Female

Sarah’s Friend 2 (18-25 years old) Female