Event Description

Cecilia Says Auditions

noon - 1:30pm | 17/05/2022 to 17/05/2022 | 5S.4.5

A young woman’s life is observed and reported on by a live-in AI system, which soon begins to take control.

'Cecilia Says' is a two-hander, exploring our complex relationship with social media and surveillance.

The play will be performed along with four other plays at the Lakeside Theatre on Friday 10th June. You’ll also need to be available on the 9th of June for a tech run and be available for rehearsals every week.

You don’t need to prepare any material for the audition, but if you would like to see the script you can request it by emailing eilishmullane@gmail.com.


Character List:

Cecilia (Female, 19/early 20s): A university student. Messy, except for the things which really matter. Insecure, with a habit for involving herself with damaging people.

Narrator (Male/NB, Any Age): Cecilia's live-in AI system. Has observed and learnt from Cecilia's behaviour for some time, becoming increasingly attached to their subject.

Darci (Female/NB, early 20s): Cecilia's university friend. Only heard over the phone. Self-involved and socially clumsy, but potentially a better friend than Cecilia believes.