Event Description

The Tree Auditions

6pm - 8pm | 20/05/2022 to 20/05/2022 | 5S.4.5

'The Tree' follows the characters of Andrew and Lottie, who were childhood friends but have been separated for 30 years. A chance encounter at 'The Tree,' where they played games growing up reintroduces them.

Andrew, despite being a typical high achiever in life, isn't happy. Can Lottie remind him of what it was like to be children playing games at 'The Tree' or is it all too late?

Come along and audition for 'The Tree', one of the short plays that will be performed along with four other plays at the Lakeside Theatre on Friday 10th June.

You’ll also need to be available on the 9th of June for a tech run and be available for rehearsals every week. You don’t need to prepare any material for the audition, but if you would like to see the script you can request it by emailing williamtennison900@gmail.com.

The play combines physical theatre with straight acting so please wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in for the auditions.


Character List: (One actor will play both the old and young versions of each character)

Andrew (40 and 10): Andrew is a middle-aged traditional high achiever. He has a well-paid finance job in London, a wife and two kids, his own home, and a dog. But something is missing. Andrew isn’t happy.

Lottie (40 and 10): Lottie has never left the farm where she grew up and loves what she does. She's philosophical and asks difficult questions. She made sure to never let her childhood leave her.