Event Description

Rest Auditions

6pm - 8pm | 19/05/2022 to 19/05/2022 | 5S.4.5

Rest is a short drama, featuring a woman who finds herself in the waiting room for heaven. It's emotional and funny so if that sounds like you're cup of tea please come along to the audtions.
They are open to anyone so even if you've never auditioned with TAS before please feel welcome.
It will be performed on stage at the Lakeside Theatre on the 10th of June, alongside four other short plays.
Character List:
Mar: A woman in her 60's/70's. Catholic. A mother.
One: Appears to be a younger male. New to dealing with humans. Very optimistic.
Two a: Younger woman. Has more experience with humans than One. Is less optimistic.
Two b: Older women. Character traits the same.
If you would like to see the script before the auditions, or you have any other q's you can get in touch here or at akellyc@essex.ac.uk
***Especially if you have any accessibility questions, deffinitly get in touch!***