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Literature Society Welcome Mixer

5pm - 7pm | 08/10/2023 to 08/10/2023 | Top Bar

This welcome event is for everyone, including those of you who have never read a book for fun before.

This is not what we're all about, we're about a community that is fun and friendly, and welcoming to everyone!

The Literature Society is not just a collaboration of creatives or artists. It is for everyone



At our welcome event, you can sign up for our various events this term: 

We run silent study sessions in the library for a few hours each week to keep you accountable and up to date with your studies/essays/exams/deadlines. 

We run writer's workshops in collaboration with an independent publishing company each fortnight to help you with your course, your personal writing, and for fun. 

We run Dead Poet's Society-esque meetings each week where we join up and read through our own writings plus things we have discovered that we love, you don't have to engage, you can come and listen!

We run guest speaker sessions where we get local booksellers, authors, creatives, and artists to come speak to you all and share their wisdom. We will have one guest speaker event each term. 

We run a charity readathon once a year where we read together for as long as we can for a charity of your choice. 



We hope you come and meet us, sign up, and get involved!

email me = if you have any questions. 



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