24-hour coffee machine

What's happened?

We started looking into having a 24-hour coffee machine on campus. Even when they're studying late, we want students to get their caffeine fix. 

We've been working with the University's Campus Services to set up a 24-hour coffee machine on campus.  

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Change doesn't just happen. 

Josh O'Connor




    Idea first raised

    Dec 2014

    Idea first came from a student, via the Student Ideas platform ( Students wanted affordable hot food and kettles/coffee machines to be available on campus 24/7. 


    Meeting with UECS

    Feb 2015

    VP Services and Comms spoke to the University's Campus Services about putting a coffee machine in the Silberrad Centre, as it is 24/7. 


    UECS agree

    March 2015

    UECS agreed this was a good idea and will be putting in a coffee machine ASAP.