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What's happened?

We've been with I Love Tour for many years now and they've done well providing our students with an experience however after sports tours were banned in Salou (the favoured location for majority of our clubs) we lost a couple of clubs who no longer wanted to go. Although our time in Croatia 2017 was mostly positive there were definitely things the students were not happy about and as a result we have had a number of students suggest (both anonymously and in person) looking at alternative sport tour organisations.

SportsVest was mentioned on multiple occasions so during the summer period we put out a poll to all those who went and those who might be looking to go on tour this academic year. The result was a significant majority for SportsVest (88.4%) over I Love Tour (11.6%).

This is exciting as they have their sports tour in an area of Spain still and with a more appealing offer regarding events, nights out and other aspects.

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Change doesn't just happen. These wonderful people made it:

 Essex Blades Members




    Feedback received from students.

    May to June, 2017 


    We surveyed Blades members and picked a new tour provider. 

    August 2017


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