Cheaper Bus Passes for students

What's happened?

If you're trying to get around Colchester without a car, it can be annoying. If you're a student you often don't have much choice. We've been working with First Buses for a while now to get the best deal for students, and are happy to announce something really big. The Essex-wide bus pass for students has been reduced from £995 to £500. 

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Change doesn't just happen. 

Josh O'Connor

Mike Bamford




    Idea first raised

    Sep  2015

    Ruth Raymer, a mature student, emailed VP Services and Comms Josh to point out that an all-Essex First bus pass was £995, and there was no student discount. 


    Meeting with First 

    Sep 2015

    Mike Bamford and Josh went to a meeting with First and pointed this out to them.



    Sep 2015

    First agreed to lower the price of the bus price for students to £500.