Course Rep Wins - Term 1

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What's happened?

  1. For MSc Actuarial students: New copies of Actuarial Examination Tables purchased for students

  2. For students in module BE110: Extra classes set up by some module leaders
  3.  For students in module BE110: More interative lectures and examples

  4. For students in module BE13: More detailed slides in lectures and more exercises with solutions for self study

  5. For Psychology PG students: Separate revision sessions set up for MSc Psychology students taking modules with second year students are now in place

  6. For 2nd year Maths students: Agreed improvement for exam guidance 

  7. For Psychiology PG students: Coffee and Cake social events between staff and students in conjunction with weekly seminars 

  8. For UG Psychology students: Lecturers have offered to book rooms for students who wish to have discussion groups after each lab class

  9. For Essex Pathways students: There are now more English speaking and listening exercises within the syllabus for Pre- Masters students

  10. For History students: Background reading to prepare for modules will now be listed in the module information handbook and online Module Directory in time for when students are selecting modules for the following year. 

  11. For History students: All first year course modules will have the primary source documents available in the History Department Office. 

  12. For History and Literature students: "Modern Revolution" module will no longer be compulsory for History and Literature students.

  13. For LIFTS students: a LIFTS Garden is being built which will be a communal social space to enhance the learning community and provide a space for LIFTS students to relax.

  14. For LIFTS students: "Approaches to Text" module now includes film clips and excerpts every week to illustrate the theory in question for film students. 

  15. For SPAH students: Reading summaries are now spaced out better to tie in with reading week. 

  16. For SPAH students: 48 hour take home exam has now been extended to a 72 hour take home exam. 

  17. For Language and Linguistics students: Hard copy computer booking system now in place for PhD students in the shared study room. 

  18. For SRES students: Training will be delivered on both styles of referencing required by the department. 

  19. For CSEE students: GLA's now stay longer after sessions to answer any questions. 

  20. For Law students: A disputed exam period has been extended to accomodate all students. 

  21. For students in module CE243: an extended period of opening times for a PC lab was agreed to enable students to complete their assignments 

  22. For Government students: An online element has been incorporated for GV711x module. 

  23. For Law students: A fully updated moodle page containing details of EU Law is now functioning. Powerpoints are also put up in advance of lectures. 

  24. For Biological Sciences students: A word limit has been better definied and the +/- 10% leeway has been adjusted and also defined. 

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    Term 1 Begins

    October 2017


    Term 1 Ends

    December, 2017


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