Course Rep Wins - Term 2

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What's happened?

  1. For Psychology students: presentation sessions will now be incorporated in to the MSc course for 2018/19. There will be 3 sessions next year, one for each main area of research. 
  2. For SRES students: For students providing sports therapy at the Cambridge and Colchester marathons, the hours will be put towards the 200hrs placement house required on their course in addition to the 50hrs fulfilled at the University Sports Clinic. 
  3. For SRES students: Hoodies are now available for MSc Physiotherapy students, as well as polo shirts.
  4. For SRES students: Cleanliness of the physiotherapy room has been improved, plinth covers are changed regularly, hand gel stations have been installed outside of labs and extra towels have been stocked in cupboards.
  5. For SSLC students: in LA099 teaching was refocused to employability and careers rather than teaching.

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Change doesn't just happen. These wonderful people made it:

 Essex Students during Change Week

 Course Reps and their Departments




    Term 2 begins 

    January 2018


    Term 2 ends

    March 2018


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