Here's what the SU course reps have been up to

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What's happened?

  • Rosie Burrells advised the Department of Government that there have been numerous timetable clashes for PGT government students this year, meaning that some students could not take the modules that they wanted to. The department agreed that they would check the timetable on a broader level going into 2017/18 to make sure that these clashes did not happen.
  • Leona Kisuule raised the issue to the Department of History that the seminars for the HR211 module were immediately after the lecture, which didn't give students enough time to do any further reading or reflection on the material taught on the day. The department saw this as a valid point and decided to move these seminars from the second term onwards.
  • Complaints were made about the way a lecturer in the History Department structures his lessons resulting in students not turning up to his lectures. After receiving this feedback, the course reps spoke to the lecturer who has since changed his teaching methods as to suit students more.
  • A lecturer teaching the LLB Law and Politics 3rd year students did not attend a scheduled seminar. This issue was raised and taken to the department by Cameron Haden, and the seminar was rearranged for a later date.
  • The classrom booked for the Medicine Law lectures was not big enough for the students taking the course. This was brought to the attention of both the lecturer and the and the CTO, and the classroom was changed.
  • A disruptive dialogue occuring between a lecturer and a GTA was causing problems for students in the GV213 module. After one of the course reps Helene Kjerstad brought this to the attention of the lecturer, the issue was resolved.
  • Timetable problems caused seminars in the School of Law and Human Rights to be scheduled for only 2 or 3 people. One of the options proposed by the department/CTO was cancelling the Tuesday morning seminars and rescheduling them for another day, however, the students wanted to keep them. This feedback was passed on to the department thanks to the Course Rep Team and the Tuesday morning seminars are still taking place.

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Change doesn't just happen. These wonderful people made it:
Rosie Burrells

Leona Kisuule

Helene Kjerstad

 The course rep team




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