Improve provisions for hate, sexual and race crime

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What's happened?

Students suggested that the SU and university should work together to ensure more is done to tackle hate, sexual and race crimes on campus. 

The university have been working with the SU to work out what needs improving and changing so policies are more efficient and tougher on inappropriate behaviour. The university have a project in place that will deal with: 

  • The introduction of a Report and Support System for students to report instances of sexual harrassment or assault (which can be done anonymously if student wishes) and obtain appropriate support.
  • The provision of Bystander training for students 
  • The development and provision of information/skills training to different groups of staff from first responders to specialists
  • The introduction of a Zero Tolerance Approach to Harassment and Bullying to replace our existing guidelines for dealing with harassment and bullying. This means that: 
    (i) we'll take action 
    (ii) the action will be proportionate to the circumstances of the case 
  • A complete review of the Harassment Advisory Network which will be relaunched as the Harassment Report and Support Service to coincide with the introduction of the Report and Support system.

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Change doesn't just happen. These wonderful people made it:

 Essex Students during Change Week

 Karen Bush

 Vickie Beckwith 

 Susie Morgan



    Feedback from Students during Change week

    October 2017


    Feedback passed on to the university who began working on the project.

    November, 2017


    The developing and implementing of specific parts of the project.



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