More support for Societies

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What's happened?

The Societies Guild have tried to increase the support given to societies and raise the profile of support structures in place. What is more, they have tried to elevate the profile of the FAQs so that societies can get help around the clock. Also, they are currently trialling 'open office hours' in the mornings in order to provide any additional support needed. 

The Soc Guild have also started running the General Meeetings in a new format, where the first half is notices and the second one is table discussions. This is believed to bring a more collaborative approach to tackling the issues that socs are facing, breaks down barriers and ensures that student input is at the centre of what is done.

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Change doesn't just happen. These wonderful people made it:
 Society members

 The Socs team and Soc Guild  Committee




    It was suggested by a member of the Guild that ratifications go online.

    May 2016


    Societies Guild voted that ratifications could go online so this wouldn't have to happen in a GM;

    S.O.S. sessions were launched.

    October 2016


    Constitution was changed and approved by the Societies Guild so that GMs could go online.

    NPS Feedback was reviewed, showing that more support was needed.

    November 2016


    The attendance at the S.O.S. sessions was reviewed and discussed; ideas were proposed as to how a better, more relevant service can be provided.

    December 2016


    First GM was trialled in the new format (and feedback was taken in order to improve next one).

    Societies were made aware of the morning drop-in sessions and the S.O.S sessions were stopped.

    January 2017




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