More time to return recalled library books

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What's happened?

At the beginning of the academic year, we introduced changes to our key services with the aim of making them simpler and fairer for everyone. We’ve been collecting your feedback to find out whether we got it right, and in response to comments, we’re making a further adjustment to the recalls system.

From the 1st of February, we’ll be extending the recall period from 3 to 7 days for everyone, which will hopefully give you the time you need with the resources, but still enable us to get books to other people who need them.

This is a result of feedback that we received from students in person, via email, the whiteboard, and at the Library Advisory Group meeting on 18th Jan, as well as comments that came from the Students’ Union.

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Change doesn't just happen. These wonderful people made it:

 Students who asked for the changes
 Josh Gulrajani (VP Education 16/-17), Library Services, Promise One




    First set of changes

    October 2016


    Issues raised from students to the SU and Library

    December 2016


    Open forum held by the Library

    January 2017


    New changes take effect

    Feburary 2017


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