New officer roles for Mature, PT and PG students

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What's happened?

New roles were created as a result of the feedback from the 2014/15 Executive committee. There is now a president for E15, separate Mature and Part-time as well as two PG officers - one to look at research and one to look at taught courses. This came about following a number of democratic review discussions, focus groups and a referendum to instigate the change. 

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Change doesn't just happen. These wonderful people made it:
 Students who voted on the change, Gary Richardson, Michelle Harris, The 14/15 exec committee incl. Chantel Le Carpentier and Adrian Chira




    Initial democratic review discussion took place

    January 2015


    Focus groups were organised

    February 2015


    Sabbatical officers called for a referendum on the changes and the referendum was successfully passed

    October 2015


    Elections for the posistions were held and were filled except for the part-time officer role

    October 2016


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