Poppy stole the show in the SU Bar

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What's happened?

In collaboration with Coalition Talent, venues were able to offer the opportunity for one of our students to perform live music in the SU Bar as a one off special edition of the Coffee House Sessions Tour.

Every Monday at 1pm, an upcoming artist performs in the SU Bar before embarking on a tour of various UK Students' Unions.

One of our students, Poppy Scarlett had previously expressed interest in performing in the SU venues many times and this seemed like an ideal opportunity.

On the 27th February, Poppy performed a collection of covers and original tracks with her guitar in the SU Bar. There was a photographer taking photos, constant social media updates on Twitter and Snapchat and the whole performance was recorded. This has since been sent to Coalition Talent.

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Change doesn't just happen. These wonderful people made it:
 Alice Warby, Venues, Poppy Scarlett




    Meeting with Coalition Talent was held to look at student opportunities. After discussing the idea with Poppy, links to her work were sent to Coalition who were very impressed and asked if she would perform. She accepted.

    20 February 2017


    Poppy Scarlett performed a half an hour set in front of a full SU Bar. Rebel interview to follow shortly.

    27 February 2017


    Feedback was sent to Coalition.

    28 February 2017


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