Cheaper replacement reg cards & keys

What's happened?

Using SU Ideas Ali Al-Ansare proposed the idea of reducing the cost of registration cards. Over 120 students voted to let us know that it's something we should work on. Thanks to Ali's proposal, the costs of replacement registration cards will be reduced from £10 to £5 in the new financial year (August 2016). This is so the budgets can be adjusted properly.

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Change doesn't just happen. 

Ali Al-Ansare

Adrian Chira



    Idea first raised

    Nov 2015

    Through SU ideas. A student, Ali An-Ansare, asked us to reduce the cost of replacing registration cards, as they are essential to university life and cost £10 to replace - arguably more than they cost to produce. He asked us to campaign the University to review the cost, and work with them investigate a further cost cap on how much a student could be charged for card replacement over a year and their overall time at Essex.


    SU Exec Meeting

    Dec 2015

    The idea was added to SU exec meeting, who agreed that this was an idea that needed to be raised with the university.


    University Meeting

    January 2016

    Adrian (SU President) met with the University to explain the situation and feedback you'd given us.


    University approve change

    February 2016

    The university emailed us to let us know that they'd approved the changes and that the cost of replacing a registration card would be reduced in the new financial year.


    Reduction in charge to accommodation key replacements

    April 2016

    After meeting, the University agreed to reduce the charges for accommodation key replacements from £20 to £15. Meadows key fobs will stay at £5.


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