SU Learn now goes towards the Big E award

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What's happened?

Students who attended sessions last year gave feedback to say how amazing it would be if SU Learn sessions could be featured on the Big E award and thought this would be brilliant to give students who get involved recognition on their HEAR when they graduate so employers can see all the extra curricular training they have taken part in.

SU Learn now have 2 modules on the Big E - the Commercial Awareness programme is now a 25 unit module in it's own right if a student attends all 4 sessions. All our other sessions have been wrapped up into our SU Learn Personal Development Suite which is a 50 unit module. The sessions have been grouped into 3 categories, People Skills, Professional Skills and Media & Technology Skills. To get the unit students have to complete 6 hours of sessions from each but they have the freedom to pick whichever combination of sessions they want to meet that criteria!

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Change doesn't just happen. These wonderful people made it:

 Student feedback and the SU Learn team




    Feedback received from students.



    Confirmation that Big E units were approved.

    October 2017


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