Society Events in Base

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What's happened?

Ents and Socs have come together over the summer to work out the best way to get societies using Base. The Ents team have done a lot of work to work out what the costs of hosting the event equates in bar take so that societies can keep the income they make through ticket sales without risking the venues losing money.

This has allowed more societies to host events and so far we've had some really successful ones including the Korean society hosting a K-POP night and the Ghanaian society hosting Chrome. We also have Charlotte in the team to support them throughout the process and push the events. It's a great opportunity for societies to develop event management skills but also getting club nights relevant to what they want and 'shaping' their experience at Essex.

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Pete Brizio

Beth Fisher

Alice Warby

Charlotte Palmer

Olga Campe

Rae Waddon

Jack Street

Sam Miles



    Teams met to work out how to engage societies in events, holding weekly meetings

    Summer 2016


    Charlotte and Alice met to work out the details and begin pushing this to societies

    October 2016


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