Students rename Office Hours

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What's happened?

A proposal was brought forward by the Government Department to rename Office Hours at Faculty Education Committee (FEC) to make it clearer to students that they can come and speak to lecturers and tutors about feedback on their work before and after coursework, as well as seek any academic advice generally. The following three options were proposed: Feedback and Advice Hours, Academic Advice Hours as well as Academic Support Hours. It was decided to use QOTW for this for a quick turnaround. The results were 20% for Feedback and Advice Hours, 27% for Academic Advice Hours and 53% for Academic Support Hours. This was communicated to all three Faculties by the Faculty Convenors, and adopted by the Education Committee and Senate. 

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 Andrei Duma, Josh Gulrajani




    The idea was proposed.

    23 November 2016


    The idea was discussed and student feedback was collected.

    30 November 2016


    Idea was voted on in QOTW.

    5-9 December 2016


    Results circulated to the relevant Faculties.

    9 December 2016


    The idea was approved by the Education Committee.

    14 December 2016


    Formal approval from Senate was received.

    25 January 2017




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