More £1 Meal Pots in The Corbett Theatre

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What's happened?

A wider range of £1 Meal Pots have been introduced to The Corbett Theatre Cafe, including Biryani, Quinoa, Black Rice, Vegetable Sag Aloo, Thai Noodles, Pesto and Salsa Pasta. These can all be enjoyed hot or cold. 

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    Feedback about food being too expensive has been ongoing for some times and as a results some £1 Meal Pots were introduced in Autumn 2016.

    November 2016


    It was indentified that more positive feedback would be received if the meal pot range was increased and was better promoted.

    December 2016


    The range of £1 meal pots was increased.

    December 2016


    Sales and promotion continue to develop.

    February 2017


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