More Student Led Events

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What's happened?

A regular events programme was introduced, including a number of key student led special evenings in The Corbett Cafe Bar/SU space.

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Change doesn't just happen. These wonderful people made it:
 Students who wanted to see change happen. 

 E15 President 16-7

 SU Staff at Loughton




    A one-off end of term Christmas event was planned.

    November 2016


    The Christmas event was delivered and very well received. A new plan of events for the January - March 2017 period was formulated, including a number of new student led events.

    December 2016


    The planned events have been delivered and supported with marketing promo material, and all events have been well received, especially the student initiated ones.

    January 2017


    More student led events are happening and being planned.

    March 2017


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