New Regular Drinks Deals in The Corbett Cafe Bar

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What's happened?

As a result of ongoing feedback that prices are too high, new drinks deals have been introduced in The Corbett Cafe Bar. The initial deal is across a range of drinks on a Friday night, with more/different deals planned for other nights of the week.

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Change doesn't just happen. These wonderful people made it:
Students who wanted to see change

 East15 President 16-7

 SU Loughton staff 




    Election promises were stated.

    November 2016


    Drinks deals were discussed.

    December 2016


    Proposals for drinks deals were introduced and initial Friday night drinks deals launched.

    January 2017


    New drinks deals for other nights of the week started being planned and prepared, with a view to roll out at the end of 2nd term, and throughout the 3rd term.

    February 2017


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