Priceless Periods have arrived at East 15

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What's happened?

Priceless Periods have arrived at Loughton. The campaign promise to provide free tampons and sanitary towels to female students at East 15 has been fulfilled. E15 President Mali Rees has said on the subject "We are finally launching ‘Priceless Periods’. You should be able to find free sanitary items in all of the East 15 female bathrooms within the next week, we have started at The Corbett and will be getting them up to Roding House as well. Please be considerate of the amount you take as they may be ‘Priceless’ but we do not have a bottomless supply!!"

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Change doesn't just happen. These wonderful people made it:
 E15 President Mali Rees and Union Campus Manager Lee Pugh




    Election campaign promise was made.

    November 2016


    A plan to deliver the campaign was prepared.

    November - December 2016


    Plan to deliver the activity was finalised; tampons and towels were purchased.

    January 2017


    Campaign was launched.

    February 2017


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