First event with alcohol sold in the SU Lounge

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What's happened?

There have been multiple discussions about selling alcohol in the SU Lounge. Currently the lounge does not have an alcohol licence, however, by obtaining a temporary licence we've managed to put on the first event (on March 22nd) where we'll be selling alcohol!


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Change doesn't just happen. These wonderful people made it:
  Selina Vu

 Connor Ager

 Arran Barrett

 VP Southend (16/7)

 Megan Mc Grath

 Asha Parmar

 SU staff




    SU lounge committee was established and meetings were taking place, discussing the issue.

    November 2016 - January 2017


    At the fourth SU lounge committee meeting the event was agreed on. Ernest, Lee & Jo led on the implementation. 

    March 2017


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