Free self-defence classes

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What's happened?

Two free self-defence classes for students and staff were run after students voiced concerns over safety in Southend, especially after the number of knife crime incidents which have happened around the town. The self-defence classes included a session on knife defence to make students and staff feel safer when walking on their own.

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Change doesn't just happen. These wonderful people made it:
 Students who asked for the change

 SU staff in Southend

 VP Southend 16-7




    Parent sent a concern letter to the Vice Chancellor. 

    Start of November 2016


    Question of the week was 'Do you feel safe in your local community'.

    Mid November 2016


    SSLC E15 students reported feeling uncomfortable and intimidated when leaving the Gateway building.

    Mid/ End of November 2016


    Many students took to Facebook to inform of incidents which have heppened to them including a mugging and an attack.

    Mid/ End of November 2016


    Promotion of free self-defence classes began and Kirsty Matthew contacted a local instructor to book in two sessions.

    End of November 2016


    Two free self-defence classes were held.

    26 January and 2 February 2017



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