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Black Educated and Powerful.


Ahmed Faid - BA EconomicsImage preview
Instagram: @afaidd

  • Why did you choose your course?
    Interesting question, because I have always been creative and also good at maths and interested in the Economy and how that works. So I went with Economics, and because of the knowledge I gained, I look at the world differently... it has helped me in many ways.
  • What did you enjoy most about your studies? Which modules or areas of research did you particularly enjoy?
    Macroeconomics and most importantly understanding how recessions worked!
  • What have you done since graduating from Essex? (Please include a current job title and organisation name if available)
    Founder, CEO of Dose of Society.
    I set up my own digital media company in 2nd year. Long story short, we've just received an investment from Snapchat and now I'm based out in Los Angeles, California.
  • How did your time studying at the University of Essex help your career?
    It helped me in many ways.  You learn a type of discipline you can get at university, it's helped a lot!
  • What is your fondest memory of the University of Essex?
    Meeting all the amazing people who I'm still contact with today. And of course graduating with a 1st!
  • Tell us your story of Black Excellence:
    It's officially been 3 years since I first stepped onto the streets of London with a simple idea, to document the thoughts of ordinary Londoners. I had no experience in filming or editing, but I had a vision. So for most weekends, I would travel back to London from university and hit the streets...
    One year later that side hustle that most of my friends & family members laughed at, turned into Dose of Society
    Two years later we were part Facebook's exclusive incubator, which helped us grow by 10,000s...
    Three years later & we've recently received our first six figure investment and are now part of Yellow, Snapchats accelerator programme in Los Angeles.
    Hard work pays.



Lamide Odanye, BA Philosophy And Politics, 2019

Lamide is one of our Essex Heroes. She started volunteering at 14 in London to get people involved in sport. She has since volunteered for the Anniversary Olympics and Paralympics, and campaigned for the Samaritans. She is co-founder of LIVE mentoring, a social enterprise which gives secondary school pupils the skills to bridge the gap between education and the real world. She is also an #IWill ambassador and has been appointed a Youth Policy Representative for the Department of Culture Media and Sport.

In 2019, she was named a Rare Rising Star in recognition of her extensive volunteering and mentoring work one as one of the UK’s top black students. Lamide said: “I feel really excited to be named a Rare Rising Star, It was quite a shock to be named - my friend said she wanted to nominate me and I told her not to!

"In my head, I suppose I don't feel like an "award winner", so getting this recognition reminds me that what I'm doing is worth something and that I'm on the right path. I'm currently on the journey of discovering what's next!

"This award motivates me to continue the work we are doing at LIVE, as it is changing the lives of our young mentees."


Pamela Nyandu
International Human Rights & Humanitarian Law (LLM)

Image preview

  • Why did you decide to study your course at Essex?
    After completing my LLB Law degree at Essex, I decided to stay on and do a Masters in International Human Rights as I am interested in being a part of changing policies relating to Human Rights in my country of birth (Democratic Republic of Congo) and I knew that Essex has a fantastic reputation for being one of the top universities in the world for Human Rights!


  • What did you enjoy most about your studies? Which modules or areas of research did you particularly enjoy?
    I really enjoyed Refugee Law, International Child Law and, Law in Armed Conflict. I loved the teaching styles of the lecturers and the fact that most of my lecturers had first hand experience in the subject they taught. I also enjoyed the fact that we were able to discuss recent issues related to the subject in question and freely share our opinions. 


  • What have you done since graduating from Essex? (Please include a current job title and organisation name if available)
    Since graduating, I have continued to focus on running my charity called 'Revive Congo'. In 2012, myself and Co - Founder Lakeisha Kayoka founded Revive Congo in order to create and support opportunities to equip young people within the Democratic Republic of Congo to give birth to their true leadership potential.
    The youth in the DRC make up more than 30% of the population, however, more than seven million children between the ages of 5 and 17 are denied access to education. This unfathomable number is due to factors such as lack of education institutes around the country, poorly trained teachers, and poverty being the most important factor. Since parents cannot afford to send their children to school, this has a major impact on the country as it means that the children of the DRC who are indeed the future, have no qualifications and are ill-equipped, thus denying them the chances of having a better future, and breaking out of the poverty cycle.
    We believe that lack of funds should not stop young people within the DRC fulfilling their dreams. Thus, we are committed to creating opportunities for young people to learn necessary skills, and be given opportunities to fulfil their future ambitions.


Revive Congo aims to:

  • Assist the development of institutions/organisations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Provide vocational training)
  • Create employment opportunities for our target group
  • Create volunteering schemes
  • Collaborate with other organisations to respond to the needs of the youth in the DRC
  • Provide funding opportunities to further academic/business prospects

Revive Congo believe in the power of unity and are passionate about working with organisations that work towards bettering the lives of the Congolese people.



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