Step-Free Access On Campus

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Navigating your way around the Colchester campus can sometimes be a bit like finding your way through a maze with so many buildings it’s not hard to get a little confused or even lost. This can be a pain, especially when you are trying to find a route that doesn’t have steps because you’re a wheelchair user, have a pram to push or are on crutches. Not to worry though, there are ways to get where you need to be!

Find Your Way

This free tool provided by the University of Essex that is useful for finding your nearest step-free route from your current location. This should make it a lot easier to get around the Colchester and Southend campuses. You can also find whereabouts of the nearest lifts as well as where the accessible toilets are. There is an app (FindYourWay@Essex) available for mobile download from android/apple app stores or you can get online access here.


This organisation has been working in partnership with the University of Essex to provide disabled students a range of online access guides for getting around the Colchester campus buildings and getting to know where the facilities are situated. To check out and make use of this service, click here.   

Information Desk

Not sure how to get somewhere? Well, you can always check at the security information desk on Square 3 (near the Kitchen), where the security and information team will be able to give you directions to get to your intended room or building!

Getting across the squares

So, here are a few of the routes you might want to be familiar with:

Getting From


Under-Podia to Square 1

  • Enter through the Psychology building (brown door), there will be lifts in the corridor, press floor 3 and then go towards the exit. 

Under-Podia to Squares 2 & 3

  • Entrance through the Student’s Union fire exit door use the lift directly near the door up to level 4 then go straight towards the doors and you will be on square 3.

Square 1 to Squares 2 & 3

  • Enter the Network Centre, turn left to get to the lift, press level 4. Turn left, follow the corridor round and through the automatic door. Go straight over the bridge and voila you are on square 2.

Square 3 to Squares 4 & 5

  • Students Union entrance (door next to the Kitchen), go straight to the lift and select level 5. When you are out of the lift go straight  until you reach the end of the corridor and turn right continue all the way along the corridor at the end turn left. Then go straight to the end and the exit to square 4 is on your right.

Don’t forget, that to use the allocated parking under the podia you need to be registered with the university which you can do by contacting the Estates Management Helpdesk! There are access maps available the University of Essex website that can help you plan your routes in advance if you wish to do so.


Permanent Signage for Step-Free Routes, the Disabled Students’ Officer, will be working towards getting permanent signs put up around the Colchester campus. This is to make it easier to know which way to go for an accessible route and hopefully get you where you need to be quicker and with less uncertainty that you are heading in the right direction. We asked her what changes she will be looking into: 

“I’m planning to make the signs around campus clearer and better for students who need to use a step-free route. Also, making access maps more attainable and making the lift numbers clearer.”

[Louisa Futcher – Disabled Students’ Officer]


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