Eco-Friendly Period Products: Tried and Tested by SU Staff

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With the mass amounts of waste being sent to landfill sites around the world it’s important we all work together to tackle this issue and what better way for us to help than reduce the waste produced from our periods. There are many menstrual products being introduced into the market that are eco-friendly but you may not have heard of them just yet. We have spoken to some of our staff members at the SU that has tried and tested a couple of the products to give us all an idea of what they are like to use.

The Mooncup

This is becoming an increasingly used environmentally-friendly menstrual product in the UK. The Mooncup is made from silicone; it is put in similar to a tampon then you take it out give it a clean and it is ready to be used again. It provides an alternative to using regular pads or tampons.  Here’s what our staff members, Natalie and Fiona had to say about the Mooncup:


How easy did you find it to use? Getting it in and out took me a couple of cycles to get used to, but now I’ve had some practice very easy!

How different is it from other menstrual products that you have used previously? I don’t have to worry about leakage or changing it all the time. Once in the morning and once in the evening is enough for me. You can also pop it in before your period starts, so no surprises!

Is it comfortable? Yes

Is it worth the money? Defiantly! £20 can seem like a lot, but they last for years, so you're saving yourself a small fortune in the long run.

Have you continued to use it? And why? Yes, it is really easy, I can put it in and not worry about it. I also never have to remember to buy more products!

Would you recommend it? I would, it’s not for everyone (you know what’s best for your body) but I really enjoy using it, other than cramps it makes me forget I’m even on my period.


How easy did you find it to use? It took me a little while to get used to it, maybe the first couple of periods.  However, I had some friends who were already users and we had lots of chats about how it works, how to get it in and out and best toilets to use on campus to change it.

How different is it from other menstrual products that you have used previously? It is far far superior to any other product; it is so much cleaner, more environmentally friendly and so much cheaper.

Is it comfortable? I don’t even know it is there

Is it worth the money? One million percent, it is a lifetime investment for myself and the environment

Have you continued to use it? And why? I wouldn’t ever go back to tampons ever, I look back on my tampon years and think I should have mooncupped earlier!

Would you recommend it? Definitely and I have bought some for friends.  At first, I had thought it would be a bit icky but it was fine and has surpassed all expectations.  I am proud to be part of Team Mooncup

Looking to buy a Moon Cup? Well look no further, the Store on campus it sells them!  

Combining Two Products 

Not all of us stick to the use of one product, some of use a combination and this is no different when using eco-period products as it all depends on which products work best for you and your body. We spoke to Ebba who uses both the Mooncup and reusable pads:  

How easy did you find them to use? The Mooncup is really great, it took me a while to get used to but now I feel very comfortable with it. The only problem I find with the Mooncup is that it does leak a bit, and that’s why I use reusable pads as well. They’re not great with tight clothes, and you need to remember to bring them with you if you’re period is upcoming so maybe not as convenient as disposable pads.

How different are they from other menstrual products that you have used previously? The Mooncup is perfect for when I travel because you don’t have to change it as often as with pads or tampons, and it’s a much better option for physical activities than any other options I have tried. However, the reusable pads are a better option at the end of my period.

Are they comfortable?  Very comfortable

Are they worth the money? The Mooncup saves me a ridiculous amount of money per year, I didn’t really think about it before, but the cost every month really adds up so it’s definitely worth investing in one in the long run, and you can keep one for 10 years. I bought my reusable pads off Amazon, they were one of the cheaper ones available but they work really well.

Would you recommend them? I’d definitely recommend them, I’m really happy with mine. They’re so much cheaper and better for the environment.

Modibodi Pants

They are underwear which has three layers of material each designed to provide the person with a comfortable and protected wear whilst on their period without the use of a pad or tampon. The top layer is to stop any smells, the middle layer is the absorbent part and the bottom layer is waterproof for added protection.  You can find out more about the product here ( Michelle has tried out a pair of the Modibodi pants and these were her thoughts:  

How easy did you find it to use? Very easy – they are pants, just pull them on and go. Easy to wash and take care off too

How different is it from other menstrual products that you have used previously? Not invasive in any way and reusable so not wastage etc

Is it comfortable? Very comfortable

Is it worth the money? It was approximately £18 with student discount (postage was very high at £5 which I felt was a bit steep but did arrive promptly) good value as unlimited use and comparable with normal underwear.

Have you continued to use it? And why? Yes I am continuing to use it

Would you recommend it? Yes wholeheartedly

Michelle also added “I have been very pleased by this product as a user but as a mum I can also see positivity’s too. The idea of popping a pair of pants in her bag rather than having to carry pads etc for her first time is so much less mortifying and easier to deal with on many levels.”

Alternative Products

The products that our staff members have tried are not the only menstrual products available that are good for the environment. There are varieties of eco-friendly tampons such as; those made from organic cotton and newly developed applicators that are reusable. There are different types of reusable pads that are made from cloth so are washable and with a bit of searching you can even find out how to make your own homemade reusable pads. These give you options that you know and maybe comfortable with but are better for the environment. 

What benefit is there to me using eco-friendly products?

Ella Daish, an environmental campaigner, has been encouraging the use of environmentally friendly menstrual products since reflecting on how she could help reduce the amount of rubbish she was making just whilst being on her period. Ella started to research the impact that wastage from period products make on the environment which led her to discover that a vast majority of the single-use menstrual products available contain up to around 90% plastic which obviously means they are not biodegradable and can take up to about 450 years to fully decompose. Add this to the fact that in a lifetime you could be using upwards of 11,000 tampons which is a lot of plastic and money essentially wasted on products that are used once. Want to learn more about Ella’s campaign, visit her Twitter to find out more.  

All of the products that our staff members have tested are reusable so they can save you money in the long run as well as the environment!

Why not give an eco-period a go!



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