Female-Only Swim Sessions Have Arrived!

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Love swimming but wish you felt more comfortable at the pool? Well, Colchester Leisure World recently started a pilot programme in December for female only swim time. The sessions have female lifeguards and only permit females can spectate. Children are allowed but boys can only attend these sessions if they are aged 11 or under.

Why have they started running the programme?

They have been working in conjunction with the Colchester Citizens Alliance, as well as staff and students at the university to bring about these sessions that are run by Active Essex. It was brought about to make females feel more relaxed when visiting the pool. It is was also seen as a great opportunity for women to feel at ease when getting active, especially if faith or personal preference stop women from going swimming.


“The Women's Network is really pleased about the pilot of the women's only swimming sessions. This allows women to enjoy swimming in a completely safe space without worry. Any women who are interested in swimming but haven't had the chance or the inclination to do so yet - we really recommend giving this a go and utilising this really cool programme! “

Molly Purcell – Women's Officer


When are they happening?

These sessions are taking place once a month during term-time on the first Wednesday of each month from 6:30pm until 8:00pm. There will even be an extra session in June!

How do I get there?

You can get to Colchester Leisure World from campus by taking the 61 bus that is going towards Highwoods to the Albert bus stop and it is about a ten-minute walk from there.

Leisure World Colchester
Cowdray Avenue

Telephone: 01206 282000

Check out the Colchester Leisure World website for more information on prices and dates.


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