5 great things about being a mature student at Essex!

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As a mature student, you might not fit the typical image of a “student”, but it doesn’t mean that your time at Essex has to be any less enjoyable. Your time here will be different, but just as amazing as it would have been for your younger self. Here are 6 reasons why it’s great to be a mature student at Essex.

You know yourself better

Your past life experiences will make a big difference. You’re likely to be much more confident and sure of yourself than the younger students are. You’ll be able to carry that confidence with you into the classroom and achieve your goals. Deciding to go to university when you’re a bit older is a big step, but you’ll have practiced a lot of important skills such as time management and teamwork, which will benefit you at Essex!

You’ll get the best jobs

If you’re interested in getting a part-time job, being a mature student is your secret weapon. Your previous work experience is something younger students can only dream of, and you’ll most likely be able to go for a much better-paid job than those that just finished school. If you are interested in what opportunities are available for you, make sure to speak to the Employability and Careers Centre on square 2 or online, or take a look at the jobs currently available at the Students Union.

You can get your family involved

If you have a family to take care of, campus offers a lot of opportunities for you. You can bring your kids the Just Play sessions to get some exercise and spend some time together. If you have a partner, they can come along to any society event, and it’s the perfect way to get involved in something together. Or why not grab some food from the Squares and sit outside in the park for a family picnic?

You can use student discounts

Student discounts might not necessarily be the first thing you thought about when starting uni, but it can actually benefit you loads, especially if you are struggling financially. A lot of stores offer discounts to students, but also things such as museums, restaurants, and events might be a bit cheaper, so make sure to make use out of it during your time at uni.

You’re on a fantastic campus

We know life as a mature student means a full schedule, but life on campus makes that a lot easier. We got a hair salon, grocery shop, post office, a cinema, a weekly market, restaurants, you name it! We even have our own on-campus cinema Cini10. It's kitted out with a 2K projector, and full Dolby® 7.1 Surround Sound. This is the real cinema experience without the price tag. Using our services on campus rather than going into town will save you a lot of time, and is one of the great benefits of going to Essex. If you’re just looking for somewhere to relax, Top Bar is the perfect place!

You can get involved

The SU allows you to get involved in hundreds of sports clubs and societies, you can join at any time in the year and they can help you get a job, make a difference, or just relax after a busy day of lectures. We have something for everyone, and there are also opportunities to impact your course for example by being a Course Rep.

Don’t forget to join the Mature Student's Network help make a change for mature students and meet people with similar experiences!


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