Exercise the tension of exams away…

We know you hear it all the time, but exercise really can help relieve the tension of exam season. Read our guide to choosing the right activity for you.

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You probably hear about the positive benefits of exercise all the time. You only have to scroll through an Instagram feed to see half of the celebrity world is following a new fitness craze (hot yoga anyone?!).

However, if we strip back the flashy filters and unrealistic diet plans, can exercise still have a positive effect on you as an individual especially during a stressful time like exam season?

The simple answer is yes! Read on below for our simple guide on how to find the right activity for you. We promise it will help to reduce the stress of assessments!

Find your thing

There is a very good reason as to why some children mess around in certain subjects at school and then can be angels in other lessons. They simply don’t enjoy the class. It’s the same for exercise. If you are forced in to a particular type of fitness regime the chances are you may not enjoy it and guess what…you’ll probably give up. Think about the types of thing you enjoy in your life. Are you a someone who likes to be around others or do you prefer your own company? Do you enjoy being indoors or do you like to embrace nature? By answering these questions certain sports and activities are more likely to appeal to you?

To gym or not to gym?

Some people love the fact that the gym allows them to focus on specific aspects of fitness. If you are looking to build muscle and bulk then the gym is a bit of a no brainer. However if you are wanting to improve your general fitness and don’t fancy paying out on gym membership then there are dozens of other ways to improve your fitness (and lots of them are free). Below are some examples.

Couch to 5k

This hugely popular app has enabled 1000’s of people to get involved in running. You can read up and download the app here.

Full body workouts

Head to YouTube and you will find literally hundreds of videos. Our advice is to try them out (and don’t be afraid to bin the ones off that you don’t enoy). The majority of the videos don’t require any special equipment and use your body as resistance. A great way to get in shape and understand your body.

Walking to get fit

Walking is a great aerobic workout and can really help develop both physical fitness and mental well-being. The below are great apps to help you plan your walks and track your progress.


The good news is that sportis a big deal in the county of Essex. From Football to Netball, Judo to Badminton. As Essex students you have access to an incredible array of sports teams. Check out this link to see what is on offer. If you love playing sport but don’t want to commit to a competitive team then the SU run loads of Just Play events that are just for fun!


We would love to know how you are relaxing during exam season. Let us know on the Essex SU Exam Mode Facebook page.

Your SU Education Team x


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