How to get the most out of your revision sessions

Revising effectively can be tough as we all learn in different ways, so knowing yourself and your own mind is an excellent place to start.

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Revising effectively can be tough as we all learn in different ways so knowing yourself and your own mind is an excellent place to start, try taking this Quiz to find out more about your preferred learning style.

  1. Minimise distractions. We know this will be tough but if you switch off your phone and any other devices that may require your attention you will be less likely to procrastinate. If you really want to go hardcore, we’d even go as far as to advise removing all your social media apps whilst you are studying (Yes this includes TikTok, don’t worry we’ve all been there). Additionally, informing the people you live with that you need some time alone will also help. Part of this process may be creating a “Do not disturb” sign that you can place outside your study space.
  2. Create a revision timetable. We’d recommend doing this as you will be holding yourself accountable if you do not stick to it. One way we’d tackle it is setting out your day as if you were attending a “normal day” of lectures and classes i.e., assign an allotted length of time for each topic you want to cover and be sure to incorporate breaks.
  3. Repetition,repetition,repetition! Rewrite your notes by hand in a way that makes sense to you, the very act of copying down information by hand will imprint the facts you need onto your brain making the retrieval process all the easier when you need it.
  4. If you’ve got it teach it! Teaching your chosen revision topic to a friend, classmate, housemate or family member can be really helpful. If you can communicate the topic effectively to someone who doesn’t know about your subject, then you’ve well and truly got this. Quiz your chosen “student” afterwards to make sure you covered all the important facts.
  5. Treat yoself! As stated earlier be sure to incorporate breaks, use those breaks to give yourself a little reward for completing a session in your revision timetable. Rewards could be eating a little sweet treat, making your favourite cold beverage, blasting your favourite music for 10-15minutes or taking a quick walk outside in the sunshine. But make sure your breaks don’t go on for too long, set a timer on your phone to remind you to get back to work!

You’ve got this and we believe in you! Look after yourselves.

Your SU Education Team x


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