Study Locations

Read our suggestion of places to study and find some tips to help you find the most adequate space for you.

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When preparing for your exams and writing your dissertation, you must find a nice place to focus and be comfortable while fully concentrating on your studies.   

Before you decide on the most suitable place to study, you should consider your study preferences. Can you concentrate while there is noise in your background? Do you get easily distracted by your surroundings? Do you prefer studying alone or in groups?   

You might want to solve those questions before deciding whether a place is good for studying. However, we can give you a list of places to study, so you can decide if they are adequate for you.   

  1. Library: Always a classic for when you need silence and prefer studying alone. Do not forget that you can also book study rooms when you need to study with more people.   
  2. Silberrad Student Centre: a student favourite when it comes to studying in groups in a less quiet environment   
  3. Greenhouse: studying in a café can be a great idea if you like some background noise, great lighting and a more “chilled” environment.   
  4. The Atrium in our SU Study Sessions (ft SU Makes): A new idea from students’ feedback; this will be a place where you can join once a week (when is your Faculty turn) to study in a relaxed atmosphere and take an occasional break while doing crafts.   
  5. EBS Foyer: One of the nicest buildings on Campus, EBS has an enjoyable offer of space if you like studying alone or in a group, with good lighting and all the things you might need for a long study session  
  6. Limehouse: A hidden space in the maze of the Main Academic Building; this is a good idea when you want to study in a group and share ideas.   

These are just some ideas of where you can study, but our Colchester campus offers more opportunities like your Departmental common room, the STEM centre or even by the lakes on a warm and sunny day.  




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