Top Tips for Avoiding an Academic Offence!

Exams may look a little different this year, but Universities still take matters involving academic integrity very seriously. Follow our tips below to ensure you don’t end up being pulled up for an academic offence!

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Collusion and plagiarism take many forms!

Collusion is considered cheating as it involves two or more people working together on a piece of academic work which has been designed to test an individual. This can include someone sharing their work with another person. Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work as your own without giving full acknowledgment. Follow these simple tips below to avoid the perils of an academic offence.

  • Don’t discuss your work during an assessment with anyone else, including on what’s app groups, Facebook pages or any other social media platform. We would even recommend leaving a group temporarily whilst you are sitting an exam. That way if a discussion starts about an assessment question you won’t have that awkward situation of having to prove you weren’t involved in a discussion during an exam
  • Remember sharing your own work is just as much an academic offence as borrowing someone else’s. Safest thing to do is to keep your own work private!
  • Try and get into the mindset of a take home exam being the same as an exam you would do in the sports hall. Turn your phone off and other devices and focus on answering the question to the best of your ability.
  • Remember to credit people for their work if you quote from them using the agreed referencing system your department uses
  • Your department should cover the do’s and don’ts of their specific exams however if it is not clear, speak to your personal tutor or raise it with one of your student reps who can take it to the department
  • SU Advice is always on hand if you are concerned about academic offences

We hope this is helpful. You can read much more about academic offences and how on-line exams will work on the Universities exam pages that can be found here.


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