Learn a Language for Free at Essex

Essex is one of the most internationally diverse universities in the UK. We have students here from more than 140 countries and over a third of our students are from outside the UK. That means there are a lot of languages spoken on campus, so why not try your hand at learning to speak one of them?

Learning a new language not only helps expand your study abroad options (if that is on the cards for you), but it also helps you develop the confidence to travel and work in international environments all over the world, while increasing your global cultural awareness. It’ll give you that little something extra in job interviews, and give your brain a workout.  

There are 3 ways to incorporate learning a language into your time here at Essex, whether you make it part of your degree, do it on the side or decide on a more intense course there are lots of options tailored to raise you up on the global platform. 

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