The best places to study on campus

Whether you prefer background noise, being outside, total silence or sitting in the library, Essex has countless study spaces and areas that cater for everyone’s studying.
The obvious choice of study spot at any university is the library. At Essex not only do we have one of the few paternoster lifts in the country in the Albert Sloman library, but it's also home to rare collections and specialist archives (pretty jazzy, right?)

If you're curious about what a paternoster lift is, it adds an element of thrill to an otherwise boring vertical journey. Here's a video:

If being at one with nature is more your cup of tea then grabbing a spot in the SU Secret Garden or by the lakes is a certain way to study with less stress.

Amongst these options there are a number of computer labs, the Silberrad Student Centre (which is open 24 hours and has great group study spaces), reading rooms, bars, cafes…the list goes on.

So grab a book, go for a wander and work out what suits you.