SU Learn now counts towards the Big E Award

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Amazing news! SU Learn sessions are now part of the Big Essex Award.

The Big Essex Award is the University’s employability award and is how extra-curricular activities are acknowledged here at Essex.  It recognises things you've been involved in on top of your studies on your HEAR which is fantastic to demonstrate everything you have done to potential employers and make you stand out from other graduates.

SU Learn now has 2 units on the Big Essex award, a 25 unit and a whopping 50 unit! This means you can now record the SU Learn sessions you have been attending and demonstrate your commitment to your professional development to future employers on your HEAR.

So how do you earn units? 

SU Learn Commercial Awareness Programme – 25 units

This unit requires you to have completed:

  • All 4 SU Commercial Awareness sessions (Strategy, Customers & Competitors, Performance & Business Development)
  • All self-directed learning activities required for each individual session

You can book onto the programme at

SU Learn Personal Development Suite – 50 units

This unit requires you to have completed:

  • A minimum of 18 hours of SU Learn sessions
  • The 18 hours must consist of at least 6 hours worth of sessions from each of the 3 sections (Professional Skills, People Skills & Media and Technology skills). You can choose any combination of sessions within the sections to complete your 6 hours.
  • All self-directed learning activities required for individual sessions

Current session options include:

Professional Skills

People Skills

Media & Technology Skills

Managing Meetings (3 hours)

Negotiating & Influencing (2 hours)

Web Development for Beginners (2 hours)

Getting an Amazing Job (2 hours)

Leadership (3 hours)

How to Edit Videos With Premiere Pro (2 hours)

Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (7 hours)

Presentation & Public Speaking (2 hours)

Introduction to After Effects (2 hours)

Level 2 Award in First Aid (7 hours)

Train the Trainer (2 hours)

Introduction to Audition (2 hours)

Project Management (3 hours)

Canvassing & Campaigning (2 hours)

Make Your Photos Better With Photoshop (2 hours)

Effective Note Taking (2 hours)

Motivation and Delegation (3.5 hours)

Introduction to InDesign (2 hours)

Level 2 Award in Food Safety (7 Hours)

Developing People (4 hours)

How to Take a Great Photo (1 hour)

New sessions are added all the time so keep an eye on the SU Learn website for updates.


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