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How to find us

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SU: Stay and Play – How to find us


SU: Stay and Play is based in the Atrium (located off Square 3), finding your way around campus can be a bit difficult so below are directions from the main bus stops and car parks as well as directions from the nursery itself. All directions are buggy/wheelchair friendly. 


How to find us from Essex Business School, North Towers taxi rank and Wivenhoe Day Nursery:

To find The Atrium from Essex Business School bus stop, follow the path up towards the Nursery, keep following this path until you get to the top of the hill and can see the Red barrier near the taxi pickup point. 

Turn Right and head towards central campus walking past the North towers. Eventually you will come to the Tony Rich Teaching Centre (a building with large glass windows) enter through the automatic door and turn left towards the lift. 

Head to floor 2, exit the lift and go right and leave through the automatic sliding glass doors. 

Continue on straight and head towards the Hex and square 4. The path around the hex is a circle so you can go either direction however the left path is wider. 

Once past the Hex you will be on square 4, Turn right and head towards the automatic door located to the right of The Store, it will have 4NW written above it.

Once through the automatic door turn right and head towards the lift. 

Take the lift to floor 4, turn right and head for the double doors on the left. 

Follow the path until you reach a pair of automatic sliding doors, the door will take you to square 3.

Walk directly across square 3 to the double automatic doors and take the lift down to floor 3.

Exit the lift, turn left, and follow the corridor to The Atrium.



How to find us from South Courts, Car park A and the sports centre

To find The Atrium from South Courts bus stop, follow the path towards the south towers, heading down the hill. Once past both towers, turn right and continue following the path down, passing the Lecture Theatre Building. Head under the archway and turn right, you should come across double  automatic doors, enter through the doors and take the lift down to floor 3.

Exit the lift, turn left, and follow the corridor to The Atrium.






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